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Have you been thinking of unloading some of your gear? Selling a vintage guitar or estate with guitars? You've come to the right place. Jesse Amoroso at Cowtown Guitars is here to make your selling experience as easy and profitable as possible.

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions or FAQ's associated with selling a Vintage Fender, Gibson, Marshall, Gretsch or any other guitar or amp.


#1. HOW MUCH IS IT WORTH? The best way for us to tell you how much your Vintage, Used or Rare guitar is worth is by giving us a call. We love to talk about old guitars and its as much the story of your guitar as the guitar itself that we're interested in. Please call (702) 866-2600 if you are interested in selling your guitar. If your looking for an appraisal, please visit our appraisals page here.

#2. HOW DO I KNOW WHAT KIND OF GUITAR I'VE GOT? We can help you figure out exactly what you have but first we'll need some photos (and you'll want them for insurances purposes in the future as well.) You can start by snapping a few photos with your phone or digital camera and emailing them to: cowtownguitarsvegas@gmail.com . In that email please include a brief description of the instrument and hey, if you feel like it… send us the story of how you two met!

#3. WHAT SHOULD I INCLUDE IN THE BRIEF DESCRIPTION? We're looking for any identifying features. Serial Number, Make, Model, Repairs, List of changed parts, General Condition, Any major hits its taken over the years and what size bed it was under (JUST KIDDING!)

#4. HOW WILL I KNOW THAT YOUR OFFER IS FAIR? We try to let all of our customers (buyers & sellers) know that they have options. You can always use ebay, craigslist, the newspaper and local pawn shops to better gauge what your instrument is worth. At Cowtown Guitars we are confident that every appraisal that leaves our shop is both accurate and honest. We stand by our word 100%

Please vista our Appraisals page to receive your Guitar Appraisal today!

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